Samples Plus is a unique cooperative program designed to provide samples to General Practitioners Australia-wide without the need for Sales Representatives

Samples Plus utilizes a fax solicitation program to promote your healthcare products and services, to over 22,500 General Practitioners, with all General Practitioners ordering at least once a year.

This program provides maximum access to General Practitioners across Australia, with an ever-increasing response rate currently over 30%, equating to all General Practitioners requesting samples at least once per year.

This program provides a cost-effective solution that provides access to General Practitioners nationally and assists in promoting your products and services.

Market Reach offers product exclusivity, allowing you to highlight your brand in our Samples Plus program. This allows you the opportunity to showcase your product, without the distraction of competitor products.

Samples Plus can also promote upcoming Health events to assist in promoting and highlighting your product, such as World Osteoporosis Day, Dental Health week and World No Tobacco Day.

Samples Plus program features:

  • Competitive pricing due to our unique program fulfilment design
  • Various ordering options
  • Maximum access to Healthcare Professionals nationally
  • Continuously increasing GP response rates
  • Reaches over 22,500 General Practitioners per month